7/7/1978Grand Jury – Kings County – New York
Re: People v. Otero Case no. 1737-78

4/30/1979Supreme Court – Kings County New York.  
Judge: Luigi Marano. Case no. 1737-78.

5/31/1981 Jeff Weisenfeld Attorney. Re:  Louis Sanzo. Eastern District - Judge Constantino

2/5/1982  Marvin Penstein Esq. - Nassau County Court (Propaganda doc)

4/20/1982  Ruth Relyea (Last Will and Testament) - Civil Court, 11 Centre Street.

8/19/1983United States District Court – Newark New Jersey. Hon. Judge Dickerson R. 
Debevoire J.U.S.D.C U.S. v. Thomas Riley. Attorney: Louis Sette, Esq.

12/1983  Ed Bertel Attorney. Re: Tillis and Tillis. Superior Court, Newark. Judge Stilecki

2/29/84  Mary Moriarty Attorney v Ortez Hotel Employee Union

5//8/84Queens Supreme Court. Re: John Burke. Atty: Richard Leff

6/271984  Re:  Borges.  Judge Jiminez, Superior Court. San Juan Puerto Rico

1/1986National Labor Relation Court. Atty: Chuck Elmore

2/27/87Federal Bankruptcy Court – Eastern District. Re: Lloyd Schaefer

2/1/1988Supreme Court – Kings. Judge Ronald J. Aiello
Re: People v. Daniel Maldonado. Indictment no. 5672

8/7/1990Supreme Court – Kings County. Judge: Leroy Hutner
Attorney: Steven Murphy
Re: Nevilla Clark

1990Superior Court – Newark, New Jersey. Judge: Hon.Strelecki. Case: Tillis v. Tillis

5/21/1991Levittown School District. Judge: Hon. Walter Donnaruma
Re: Zimmerman, Richard

10/23/1991State of New Jersey – Superior Court Law Division – Bergain County. 
Ind. no. S-1370-90
Judge: Andrew P. Napolitano. Re: State of New Jersey v. Gerard Scher.
Attorney: Martin Goldman

2/21/1992Supreme Court – Barry Street-Kingston, Jamaica. Re: Michael A. Lorne
Attorney at Law

5/1992Supreme Court – Suffolk County. Judge: Newman. Re: State v. Richard Henning

7/15/1992Supreme Court – N.Y. County. Judge: Lockman. Att. S. Gelzoff.
Re: Syrote v. Hirsch

10/14/92Federal Court – Eastern District. Postal Inspectors: Martin Biegelman
Re: Nicholas Allocco

6/1993Supreme Court – White Plains. Judge: Harold Wood.
Re: Nemeh v. Nemeh

6/18/1993Supreme Court – Nassau County Pt. 4. Judge Rucollo. Re: Daley

3/1994Queens Supreme Court. Attorney: Richard Leff. Re: People v. Teri Eisner

11/13/1995Supreme Court – Bronx County. Pt. 47. Judge Prire. Re: People v. Rosario

12/1995Supreme Court Part 20. Judge Kassoff. Re: Daniel King Le v. Pistilli. 
Attorney: Stanley N. Young

5/20/1996American Arbitration Association. Case no. 30055995
Between St. Lukes Hospital and New York State Nurses Association
Case: M. Mills
F. Reynolds
J. Goodwin

7/8/1996Supreme Court – Kings County
New York City Transit Law Department, Workers Compensation Division. Gary C. Perry – Counsel v. Ronald Gordon and Gary Rosenberg

4/1997National Labor Relation Board. St. Lukes Hospital Center.
Attorney: Lewis Archor, Human Resources

9/3/1997Supreme Court – County of Queens (Civil). Judge: Badilla. Re: Lui v. Shiek

9/9/1997Civil County – Kings County. Judge Greenstein. 15 Willoughby St. Rm. 205A
Attorney: Jack D'Emic. Re: NYMEX v. Tsentzelias. Indictment no. 5174/96

8/1998Attorney: Krieger & Schnieder

8/21/2001Civil Court – New York City. Rm. 242. Attorney: Gary Pelusso

2/6/2003Supreme Court – New York State, Kings County. Index no. 127031/02
  Nicholas Doyle – Special Referee
SRH Healthcare Management v. Manhattan Total Health & Medical Diagnosis
and Dr. Thomas Giordano (defendant)

5/27/2004Civil Court – Queen County. Pto. Judge: Margaret Parisi McGowan
Re: Rene Pina's v. Mirsad Selimovic

2/9/2007 Supreme Court N.Y. County. Judge: Hon. Lowenstein
Attorney: Herman Tarnow. Re: Oral v. Oral

4/2007United States District Court – Southern District of N.Y. Hon. Gerard Lynch
United States v. Peter Castellanetta & Curtis Gatz

12/12/2007Supreme Court – Kings County, New York. Judge H. Kramer. Civil Term – Part 13
Index no. 33928/04. Nathan Leefer against Elsie Ward

2/6/2008Supreme Court – New York County. Judge Richter & Hon. Ref. Doyle Rm. 551
Re: Thomas Giordano/SRH Healthcare v. Manhattan Total Health

Supreme Court – Queens County
Re: Kettly Bernard Cadet
Shantel Gobin, Shantel Gobin
Mohar UN Nessa
Long Beach Mortgages

5/8/2008Surrogates Court – Kings County. Hon. Judge Margarita Torres
Re: Edward Shepard

7/8/2008Civil Court – Kings County, Judge Edwards, Pt 58
Re: Kindell Robinson. Index no. CV200738-06 CK-1

5/6/2009Supreme Court – Kings County
Re: Adelman

5/7/2009Supreme Court – Kings County. Re: Zagranichny v. Edelman.
Attorney: Yevgeny Tsyngauz.  

10/1/2010Civil Court – Kings County, 141 Livingston Street (Housing). Judge: Silkowitz
Re: Pagano v. Salini. Index no. 072952/2010

2/27/2012New York State Department of Labor/Unemployment Division; 
Riverhead, New York
Attorney: Frank S. Scagluso

6/6/2012New York City County Civil Court. Judge: Sniederman.  
Re: Kalish v. Roxborough. Attorney: Petuso & Tougher

10/29/2012Civil Court – Richmond County. Judge: Demond. Attorney: John Dalten
Re: Emiliano Navarro

2/21/2014Family Court – Kings County, 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY
Judge: Catanzaro. Re: Martinez v. Margary

Supreme Court – Kings County. Re: 1136 Realty LLC v. Union Street Realty (David Wise)
Attorney: Michael Hiller

Simon & Passon Attorneys. Re:  USA v. Theresa Buttino, Southern District

U.S. Marine Corp. USMC R.S. N.Y, N.Y.  Re:  Sergeant Booth
Ford Selez