Donald Frangipani
Forensic Document Examiner

Donald Frangipani
(718) 232-3209
1955-1958United States Army - Honorable Discharge

Last Military Assignment
U.S. Army Forensic and Second Field 
Hospital, Germany

Forensic Laboratory Technician
Colonel Michael Whelan/Captain Raymond 

Specialized Training in Questioned Documents
Internship - Document Trainee under tutelage of 

FORENSISCHE (GFS)/Association of Freelancing 
Training involved various aspects of questioned 
books and existing professional papers. Research projects and completing numerous practical exercises. and identification of handwriting, hand-printed numbers,typewriting, stamp impressions, photocopies, paper, inks and writing instruments, detection of erasures, alterations, 
and latent fingerprint development.

Additional Training
United States Army Photography and Projectional School-
Munich, Germany.

1959-1961Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
(recommended by Col. Michael Whalen - U.S. Army)

Pathology and Neurology technician. 
in handwritten identification. I was engaged in a research  program which consisted of handwriting studies on patients 
This research was to establish the effect of handwriting prior, 
Further research was conducted in both the pre and postoperative stages of lobotomy’s, trauma and other neurological physiological effects of handwriting (e.g. shock, fear, mood,
1963-1973Employed as an Investigator/Security with various investigative services. 
Continued study in the field of questioned documents.

1975   Licensed as a New York State Private Investigator. Founded, All City Investigations and  Forensic Services, Inc.

1977-1981  Associated with Vincent J. Scalice, retired Detective N.Y.P.D. Continued study in questioned document examination, forensic photography and latent fingerprint examination with Vincent Scalice.

1988-1993  Studied under the tutelage of Felix Klein (Manhattan Handwriting  
I continue to study and research in the field of questioned documents and handwriting identification and keeping documents and handwriting identification and keeping abreast of periodicals, books and literature published by experts and agency’s authority. I have visited government and private questioned document laboratories to observe  

August, 1986International Association For Identification
a) Study of mental aptitude while writing under stress
b) Use of Video Spectral Comparator (Lt. Josey, Escambia
  Sheriff’s Office)
c) Questioned Document Photography (S.A. Sanders, U.S.)
d) Signature Workshop
e) Counterfeit and altered credit card (Darryll Marshall, 
Pompano Beach P.D.)

April 1, 1987Tri-State Legal Photographers 
Indented writing, watermarks, seals, rubber stamps,
bisecting lines, charred documents, chart preparation 
and use of transparencies and over-lays.

January, 1989Valencia Community College/Orlando, Florida
Ronald M. Dick - Instructor

a) Introduction to the Field of Questioned Documents
b) Conducting the examination of handwriting and hand-printing
c) Examination of signatures
d) Examination of typewriter material
e) Acquisition of special material
f) Miscellaneous document problems
g) Legal aspects of questioned documents
h) Handwriting systems
i) Acquisition of exemplars
May, 1989Evidence Photographers & Tri-State Legal Photography
Close-up Photography of Demonstrative Evidence 
Larry Shavelson

May, 1990Advanced Latent Fingerprint Techniques 
FBI SA Tim Trozzi/Felix Bigor
Kodak Photography/Fingerprint Techniques
Latent Fingerprint Workshop

May 7, 1991Polaroid School of Law Enforcement Imaging - Imaging 

June 7-10 1991Conference of the International Association For Identification Fallsview, NY
a) Latent Fingerprint Workshop
Kenneth Zerchie - Connecticut State Police
b) Forensic Photography
Luther Dey - Rochester Institute of Technology

July, 1991International Association for Identification
(76th Annual Education Conference) 
Questioned Document Section Program
a) Typewritten Examination
Supervisory Special Agent David W. Attenburger 
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)
b) Signature Workshop
Deputy Sheriff Don Fandry
(Questioned Document Examiner/Los Angeles County
Sheriff’s Department)
c) “The Relationship Between Disguised Handwriting and
Years of Formal Education”

“Fraud of a Checking Account”
“Identification of the Altered Number”
“Questioned Document Examination Manual for Investigators
(Marvin Morgan Q.D. - San Antonio, Texas)

June, 1992 International Association for Identification
(77th Annual Education Conference)
Questioned Document Section Program
a) Document Diamonds - Sidney Goldblatt

c) Automated Handwriting Identification - Don Fandry
d) Document Dating by Ink Analysis - John Hargett
e) Signature Comparison Workshop - Don Fandry
f) Alternate Light/Digital Imaging Enhancement Photography
g) Preparation of Court Charts

Dec. 1992  Handwriting Identification and Obtaining Handwriting Exemplars
(William Duane - Connecticut State Police)

Oct. 1993New Jersey Association (I.A.I.)
Handwriting and Questioned Document examination for Law 
(Lt. Glenn Owens - Essex County, N.J.)

April 19, 20,38th Annual Tri-State Educational (I.A.I.) Conference,
21, 1994Atlantic City, New Jersey
Latent Fingerprint Techniques - Mitchell Hollars, FBI
3M Fingerprint Visualization Systems - David Weaver
P.C. Based Fingerprint Matching - Det. Roger Brooks, Danbury P.D.

Sept. 1994National Academy of Forensic Examiners,
Branson, Missouri
Disguised Writing, Longitudinal Case Study of a Heart Attack via
Pre-Juncture Post Hand Writing Specimens, Arabian Writing 
Questioned Document Examination, Pen Computing and Digital 

April 2-5, 1995 Saratoga NY 39th Annual NY State Conference
a) Evidence Photography - Polaroid Corp.
b) Palm Print Examination - Ron Smith
c) Fingerprint Developing Workshop - John Olenik
d) Behavior Profiting - Lt. J. Edward Grant

March 24-27,Tri-State 40th Annual Educational Conference
Use of Alternate Light Source
SPEX Forensic Instruments

April 30, 1996Tri-State Legal Photographers
a) Photography and Demonstrative Evidence
Stephen Wheeler Esq.

b) Photography and Demonstrative Evidence
Larry Shavelson/Close-up photography

c) Documentation of Imprint and Impression Evidence
Kenneth Zerchie/Connecticut State Police 

d) Footwear Examination Workshop
Ernest Hamm/Florida P.D.

May 17-18 1998,42nd Annual Tri-State Identification Conference, (I.A.I.) Albany, New York
Technology Advance in Latent Fingerprint Technology/Dan Foro, D.C.J.S 

May 20-23,2001  Tri-State 45th Annual Educational Conference I.A.I. Suffern, New York
Digital Imaging; PC Pro’s - David Witzke
Questioned Document Case Review  
Herbert McDonell/Laboratory of Forensic Science 
Examination of ink, paper and typewriter utilized to forge a  
Examination of knife cutting marks in paper reams. Professional Associations American Board of Forensic Examiners  

New York State Division of the International
Association for Identification (Board of Directors) 
Licensed Detectives of the New York State
I am presently engaged in a research project involving handwriting 
specimens of patients in nursing homes who suffer from Parkinson’s 
Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, strokes and other neurological disorders.

Assignments as an Expert
18B Panel Assigned Counsel
CJA Panel Federal Courts
Nov. 15, 2005Guest Speaker
New York State Identification Division of the International Association for
Identification Conference - Williams Lake, New York
1993 World Trade Center - Assigned as an expert in the Ramzi Yousef trial.

Written and published an article “The Exemplar” a journal
published by the National Bureau of Document Examiners,
entitled “Restoration and Decipherment of Obliterated 
Documents”, 1990.

Television Appearances
Nov. 6, 1995Fox 5 News - “Fake or Not” Autograph Examinations
Nov. 16, 1995WCBS TV News with Marcia Kramer- “Alteration of Dates On Food”
Nov. 10, 2001Americas Most Wanted - “ 1993 World Trade Center Attacks”
Examination of questioned documents/handwriting related to 
terrorist Ramzi Yousef.

Reference Library
Numerous books, journals, periodicals, and articles authored
by experts in the field of Questioned Documents, including 
Secret Service, F.B.I., Police Departments, autograph books,
and various signature specimens of various sports figures and
people of notoriety. 

I have testified and qualified as a Questioned Document Examiner in Federal, State and 
Civil Courts in New York, New Jersey and  arbitration’s and Grand Juries. 

Present Employment:  President/Director - ALL CITY INVESTIGATIONS & FORENSIC SERVICES, INC. 

Appointed as Commissioner of Deeds #22690

                                               REFERENCES UPON REQUEST
(718) 232-3209